Kalendar; St Augustine, De Doctrina Christiana (excerpts); St Augustine, De Trinitate;De Duodecim Lapidibus (imperfect)

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Livello 4


This manuscript consists of two parts (ff. 1-8v; ff. 9-86) that were produced at the Benedictine abbey of St Alban at St Albans, and bound together at an early date (see Thomson, Manuscripts from St Albans (1982), p. 92). The scribe of ff. 1-8 copied the St Albans Psalter (Hildesheim, Dombibliothek, MS St Godehard 1) and added marginal notes to Harley MS 2624 (ff. 5r-46v). The scribe of ff. 9r-33v is the same as that of Cotton Ch XI 8 (dated around 1145), Royal MS 12 G XIV, Royal MS 2 A X (the main hand), and St Petersburg, Saltykov-Shchedrin Public Library, MS Q.v.l, 62, ff. 1r-6v, which contains a St Albans calendar that closely resembles that of Royal MS 2 A X, ff. 2r-7v. The hand of ff. 34r-86r is close to Royal MS 2 A X, ff. 124r-125r (see British Library Catalogue of Additions to the Manuscripts (1982)). Contents: ff. 1v-7v: Kalendar, including St Albans liturgy and feasts, written between 1119-1146, according to Wormald, English Benedictine Kalendars (1938). ff. 8r-v: Excerpts from St Augustine (b. 354, d. 430), bishop of Hippo, De Doctrina Christiana (On the Christian Doctrine), chapters 8-11. ff. 9r-86r: St Augustine, De Trinitate (On the Trinity), imperfect, beginning with book 1 chapter 1: 'Quorum nonnulli ea que de corporalibus rebus', ending with book 15 chapter 8: 'et lumen esse in quo videntur quae oculis carnalibus non videntur'. ff. 86r-v: Anonymous, De Duodecim Lapidibus (On the Twelve Stones), beginning: 'Sives (sic) celetis patrie / Regi regum concinite'; imperfect ending ('Vitam signat angelicam / Discretione preditam'). Decoration: One decorated initial in gold on a blue wash background, added in the late12th or early13th century over an earlier, contemporary initial (f. 9r). Two initials in red with green penwork decoration (ff. 16r, 50v). One large initial in green, with simple penwork decoration (f. 8r). One large initial in green with red penwork decoration (f. 59v). Small initials and numbers in red, green or brown.
Provenienza: St Albans, England.
Data approssimativa: 2nd quarter of the 12th century


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